3G Networks What are the Advantages and Disadvantages

3G refers to the 3rd generation of the wireless network technology used by smartphones and other mobile devices. 3G greatly enhanced the ability of mobile phones to perform functions such as web browsing and streaming video.

3G networks offer several advantages.

Fast speeds. High bandwidth allows 3G networks to reach data transmission speeds of up to 2 megabytes. Such speed has allowed 3G phones to include Internet access and video calls in addition to voice calls.

Constant internet access. On a 3G network, the user is always online. There is no need to search for a wi-fi connection in order to access the Internet.

There can also be drawbacks to 3G networks, however.

Connectivity problems. Users have had connection problems in certain areas. 3G networks tend to be area-specific, and people outside of a covered region will not be able to take full advantage of 3G.

Software and hardware issues. Users of some mobile devices”including the iPhone 4″have reported 3G connection failures even in areas where a 3G connection is present.

More mobile networks have now begun to shift from 3G technology to 4G (4th generation). A 4G connection delivers even faster data speeds.

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